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The Sanctuary - Mount Pleasant

The Sanctuary is our most comprehensive Realspace package to date. It also happens to be the fastest-selling development in Perth, Australia.  

“Buildmedia's Realspace marketing package exceeded my expectations and I'm very happy to have this innovative off-the-plan marketing tool to showcase our flagship Sanctuary project to our buyers. 

I have found that Realspace provides buyers with a high degree of clarity and certainty in helping to make a purchasing decision.” 

John Woon, Managing Director, DevelopWise. 

For The Sanctuary, we created a realistic, interactive virtual tour that home buyers can walk around and explore, via a touchscreen interface or VR. The tour includes five apartment types, the lobby, gym and shared rooftop, and gives the user the ability to change out colour schemes. They can then instantly email themselves rendered high-resolution images.

In addition, we created:

  • More than 200 architectural renders
  • More than 20 minutes of 4k video.

The final project was featured on: 

Urban Developer: Beyond Renders: Creating Immersive Digital Display Suites

Epic Games: Real-time technology helps buyers fall in love with unbuilt homes




Mount Pleasant, WA

Half-hour appointments tend to stretch to one and a half hours on average - which is a great thing as buyers are a lot more engaged & informed.

John Woon, DevelopWise

The interactive model makes it really simple for buyers to understand the building. We don’t need a traditional display suite any more as Realspace does a great job representing the proposed development.

John Woon, DevelopWise

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