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Te Awa Lakes Future Vision

Working closely with Boffa Miskell, the Buildmedia team brought to life the vision for Te Awa Lakes in a 2-minute-long masterplan animation.

The masterplan concept was at a preliminary stage of its design, with zones set for each use (residential, commercial, etc) - but no ‘hard-set’ design for building form and appearance.

Working closely with Boffa Miskell, the Buildmedia team developed an asset library of 3D models that were created to a set of design constraints within the provided documentation and reference images.


Perry Group


Waikato New Zealand

Condensing a 2.5 hour long powerpoint into an animation assures everyone onboard with the same shared vision in 3 minutes flat!

With Te Awa Lakes development, significant changes to the existing sand quarry site were necessary, so we were keen to visually show the impact on the landscape by creating 3d models of the site in both its Before and After states.

A blend of aerial and on-ground camera shots were used to demonstrate the new vision for the landscape, opening with an iconic shot from above Hamilton complete with floating hot air balloons. This before-and-after view was also output as still images for use in print and online communications.

Immersing the viewer inside the Te Awa Lakes development via 3d architectural visualisation and animations on - brought a level of believability that's hard to match with conventional plans.

Thanks for all your hard work. You've really brought this transformational project to life and captured our vision for what Te Awa Lakes will be. The detail is absolutely incredible!

Vanessa Mills, Perry Group

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