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Te Awa Lakes

Te Awa Lakes is a proposed 62ha development for the old Perry sand quarry at Horotiu, Waikato that will transform this northern gateway into a vibrant community hub and tourism destination.

In order to promote this exciting project, Buildmedia developed a series of 3d Realspace visualisations incorporating all elements of this future masterplan. From various types of high-quality medium density residential housing, river links, tourism activities and an adventure park, each 3d model was created to a set of design constraints and reference images.

A first of a kind project, we equipped Perry Group with 4 hero masterplan renders as well as a Virtual Reality hot air balloon tour. Potential home owners and investors can see what the 5 year, billion-dollar project will look like from an aerial perspective. 


Perry Group


Waikato, New Zealand

A blend of aerial and on-ground camera shots were used to demonstrate the new vision for the landscape, opening with an iconic shot from above Hamilton complete with floating hot air balloons. This before-and-after view was also output as still images for use in print and online communications.

Immersing the viewer inside the Te Awa Lakes development via 3d architectural visualisation and animations on - brought a level of believability that's hard to match with conventional plans

Being an interactive 3d model means that any future buildings can be swapped out relatively easy in the future.

All housing, apartments, hotels & village centre architecture was designed & modelled by the Buildmedia team using the base masterplan provided by Boffa Miskel & Ignite Architects.

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