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Realspace 2020

Realspace is a digital experience-suite designed to showcase & sell off-plan.

Incorporating internationally award-winning walkthroughs & centralising all collateral, Realspace makes selling & buying off-plan memorable.



A developer produced CGI instantly emailed from Realspace to a home buyer - The Monaco. Gold Coast, QLD.

Buildmedia has been visualising developments for over 17 years, listening carefully and developing world-leading interactive solutions.

Realspace saw exponential growth in 2020, with new projects across all major Australasian cities. The latest 2020 version has built on this success and responded to the unique challenges the developer community faced this year.

Realspace allows homebuyers to explore every aspect of their future home experiencing the real-scale and accurate views from all floor levels. Homebuyers get immersed through interactively changing and comparing: colour schemes, apartment types and floor levels.

On top of this Realspace centralises all collateral, allowing a seamless non-confrontational sales experience with videos, floor-plans, interactive tours and images. Realspace was a winner in the 2019 Unreal Engine Experience Design Awards and receiver of the Epic Games Mega-Grant in 2020.  

In the 2020 version, Realspace LIVE bridged the physical distancing gap, enabling the full sales-suite experience to be streamed to a homebuyer instantly. No apps and no software install required. With LIVE homebuyers can immediately experience a personalised virtual tour whilst video chatting with the sales agent. The goal was to create an engaging, shared online experience whilst maintaining the warmth of human to human interaction.

In 2020 Realspace HUB was created for our more established clients. HUB centralises multiple property developments into one streamlined interface giving physical sales-suites flexibility and efficiency. A HUB of current and past design and data to inform future decisions.

A proof of concept 'Interactive Wellington City' was developed in 2020 using the Epic Games Mega-Grant. The city model gained attention worldwide and is continuing its development to investigate live city data and development design in Real-time.

The Problem

Almost half of the brain is committed to visual comprehension, making visual content the single most powerful tool to communicate to homebuyers. In the world of marketing and selling off-plan, sharing complex information is critical. In the oversaturated and competitive marketplace, standing out is a challenge, and not all visual content is equal.

Many developers are losing valuable time and money investing in less effective visual collateral, intern slowing down their sales cycle and creating lacklustre buyer experiences.

Buying a property is both an emotional and technical decision. Today's homebuyers often need more than a handful of renders and floor plans to inspire the emotional connection and technical understanding required to take the plunge.

Light & dark colour scheme options changing for 161 Eastern Apartments, South Melbourne VIC.

For leading developers transforming the complexity of off-the-plan sales into meaningful and informative experiences is the growing focus. The hard truth is many developers are stuck in out-dated processes, missing out on the benefits interactive proptech can have on their bottom line and buyer journey.

On top of the out-dated process, a growing number of homebuyers are losing trust in misleading and over-processed marketing renders. To combat this distrust and desensitisation, developers need to respond with transparency, empowering the homebuyer to become an active participant in the process, responding proactively to the rise of the prosumer.  

In 2020 the challenges of a global pandemic continue to highlight the power interactive online content has for off-plan developers. It's been a big year for tech adoption. Covid provided the overdue push towards more robust online solutions and those already utilising capable technology fared best through uncertainty. Just as an innovative car company Tesla broke the mould, selling a record number of cars entirely online with no test-drive, Buildmedia recognises the untapped potential for improved online and in-person homebuyer experiences. The move to interactive is happening now.

Screen capture walk around of White Main beach apartments, Main beach QLD.

The Solution

Gaming is now the world's most successful form of entertainment, as the gaming industry generated more revenue last year than TV, movies, and music did. Because of this growth and investment in the gaming sector, real-time solutions are rivalling traditional render methods, with comparable quality, no render-times and more flexibility. Realspace builds on these technical gains, developing a specific real-time solution designed for the property development sector. At its core, Realspace is a game for selling off-plan developments.

Innovative proptech Realspace brings an off-plan property to life by creating streamlined, interactive and meaningful buyer experiences. Realspace is a world-leading 3d walkthrough and sales-tool designed to drive deeper emotional connection and technical understanding of unbuilt property for homebuyers, speeding up the sales cycle.

Realspace CGI for White Main Beach, QLD

Visualising unbuilt architecture no longer needs to be limited to individual static renders, and inflexible animations as real-time hardware and software have matured, eliminating the need for a cost per render model.

We know video is more engaging than renders and interactive tours are more engaging and immersive than video, so why build your campaign primarily around renders. Realspace flips the model on its head, starting with the interactive experience with video and images falling out of the process.

Instant render to email function - Greenhouse Apartments by Ockham residential, Ponsonby, NZ

The Realspace interactive sales tool is a fantastic piece of technology. The ability to portray exactly what you propose to sell in the off-plan game is extremely valuable.

Josh Foote - Ignite projects - Gold Coast

Interactive floor plan within Realspace of The Sanctuary, WA by Developwise.

The final quality of Realspace would need to compare side by side with the traditional rendering for developers to make the shift. To achieve this, we created a custom production pipeline allowing for new techniques and technical development to improve quality, speeding up our process. Realspace is comparable in cost to traditional methods but with two to three times more content created.


Explicitly developed for visualising unbuilt architecture, Realspace combines our 17 years of architectural visualisation experience with cutting-edge gaming innovation to create an all-in-one solution tailored to the property development sector.

Our constant push to achieve high-quality real-time graphics while reducing production time could be our most innovative quality. The Realspace team designed a custom pipeline to accomplish the realism required. Bespoke CAD tools and scripts give us the edge in 3d modeling, texturing and then representing unparalleled real-time realism. All delivered at a cost point comparable to today's current visualisation budget's.

Realspace LIVE brought innovative pixel-streaming technology to Realspace in 2020, enabling the full sales-suite experience to be streamed to a buyer's device instantly, no app, software install or high-end PC required. With the pixel-streaming version of LIVE homebuyers can immediately experience a fully interactive virtual tour whilst video chatting with the sales agent.

Realspace LIVE instantly streaming to a webpage.

Sales agents and buyers can take turns controlling a cloud-based instance of Realspace, enabling a dynamic shared interactive experience in turn, giving ample opportunity to build trust and rapport.

Realspace LIVE steaming a virtual tour from agents PC to tablet.

Technological Excellence

Off the back of receiving the 2020 Mega-Grant from Epic Games, Realspace continued to push boundaries, developing a real-time model of an entire city. The interactive city gained attention worldwide showing world-leading technological capability.

In my role at Epic, I get to see a lot of different projects from our customers. The team at Buildmedia has really gone above and beyond, showing off all the potential of Unreal Engine to change the perception of "what's possible" in real-time.

- Kenneth Pimentel, Epic Games

The future goal for a Realspace city model is to enable developers and city stakeholders a powerful tool to visualise live data, location information and architectural design within the context of an interactive city model.

Virtual reality is tightly integrated into Realspace, in 2020 we are now able to stream the full resolution interactive experience into wireless VR headsets with accurate custom IR tracking solutions. This innovation is a game-changer for Realspace VR - giving buyers the ability to move unrestricted throughout an entire floor plan without dropping out of range. This VR breakthrough deepens immersion giving buyers more opportunity to connect with the experience without technology getting in the way.

Video output from Realspace - The Monaco by Ignite projects, Main Beach QLD.

Economic impact

Almost all consumers (95%) now begin their buying experience online. Many buyers won't consider visiting a sales suite until they've conducted considerable online research. Unfortunately, only 1-3% of online buyers become leads, pointing to underwhelming online experiences.

Realspace has been enthusiastically adopted by our entire sales team & has proved a highly effective point of sale tool. Because of its success & with the backing of our sales team, we are now insisting that Realspace is used on every one of our future development’s.

Carol Morrison, Fletcher Living NZ

Engaging online experiences speed up the sales cycle. Online leads that turn into appointments are three times more likely to become a sale than walk-ins. If you want to save time and money by attracting the right buyers, you have to offer more engaging experiences to lure homebuyers. A more emotionally-charged experience is needed, and Realspace sparks this for off-the-plan.

By empowering sales-teams with a suite of interactive tools, and producing more marketing content including interactive online tours Realspace speeds up the sales cycle. Along with a compelling online offering, Realspace centralises all collateral and can live on a touchscreen ready for presentation in a sales-suite or agents office. Developers can spend less or ultimately avoid building costly physical sales-suites using Realspace as a central hub and digital twin of their development.

Ockham Residential, Kokihi Aprtments, Realspace interface.

Social Impact

Physical architectural models are one-use, contain glues and plastics, eventually end up in the landfill and are immediately out-of-date when design evolves. A Realspace exterior model eliminates the need for a physical model and can be updated remotely. Realspace can also reduce the need for print, with a straightforward interface including all collateral.

Exterior interactive 3d model of Aroha Apartments by Ockham Residential, Avondale NZ.

Throughout the Realspace digital build, all aspects of a property are created in detail, highlighting design flaws that would have otherwise been sent to construction. Buildmedia having architects and designers in-house can quickly offer valuable feedback, reducing unforeseen future hold-ups and wasted resources. For buyers, this fosters confidence, a key motivator as what you see, is what you get.

Screenshot from Bridports Realspace interface of Kensington Apartments, Kensington, VIC

Is it always necessary to drive across town to view a sales-suite of a property that is yet to exist? Realspace LIVE offers a fully online version of the Realspace experience streamed to any buyer's device online. With built-in video chat, sales agents can qualify more leads earlier meeting in person with only serious homebuyers. Reducing cars on roads and speeding up the sales cycle.

Realspace HUB centralises multiple developments from a single developer into one interface, allowing flexible more space-efficient display-suites serving numerous projects.

Scalability Potential

leveraging gaming technology, Realspace taps into a wealth of human resources that have trained to enter the worlds largest entertainment industry - gaming.

Scalability of content variety and volume is inherent in real-time production, eliminating render-times, producing video and images becomes more efficient to traditional methods. Realspace empowers marketing experts and sales agents to take unlimited print quality images directly in the interface allowing collateral to grow without back-and-forth communications.

Level selector for Ozone Cronulla beach residences, NSW.

Realspace LIVE enables high-end computer graphics to be streamed to any device, instantaneously scalable worldwide. Not being limited by a physical sales-suite, Realspace LIVE can host thousands of potential homebuyers for virtual open homes or digital launch events. Selling across state lines or into foreign countries is now easier than ever.

“We have been completely blown away with its functionality, ease of use and the positive difference it has made with our buyer interactions. In our opinion, Realspace is the future for off-the-plan sales and marketing.”

Caitlin Rosenboom - Head of Projects, Ray White Surfers Paradise.

360 image tour output from Realspace - The Monaco by Ignite projects, Main Beach QLD.

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