Wynyard Central Future Vision

Where: Auckland, New Zealand
When: June 2015

What: The Auckland Plan has brought about a very positive vision for the city’s future in recent years and Buildmedia has had the pleasure of contributing to this vision across several projects around the city.

In June 2015, Panuku Development Auckland commissioned Buildmedia to create a two-minute-long presentation showing the future development of Wynyard Central over the next five years and what the development means for the public.

Auckland-Wynyard-central-future-3d-vision-view-from-above-feature-image-1080x530px 2

Central to the client’s brief was an emphasis on green spaces, laneways and streetscapes within the site.

To do this well and to 3d visualise developments that are still in the early sketch design phase, the buildings had to be represented at a less realistic level of detail.

Buildings were represented as simple building blocks being dropped into place before transitioning to realistic visions, while buildings that hadn’t been designed were shown in simple whitewash 3d.

The project involved gathering and collating design information from various architects and developers and overall the final presentation took over two months to create. However this was quicker than expected as much of the base 3d building data was gathered from Buildmedia’s existing Auckland 3d model and a number of other 3d modelled buildings from Buildmedia’s other visualisation projects such as Wynyard Central & 132 Halsey.


As well as producing conventional linear animations for playback on youtube / vimeo, Buildmedia also integrated the overall Wynyard Quarter 3d model into a real-time 3d environment, in which the viewer can navigate through the future urban environment in real-time and explore the space unhindered.

Because everything was processed in full HD which produced gigantic files, the Wynyard Quarter presentation required a lot of processing power made possible by a recent 10GB-upgrade of our office network. The result is a large-scale visualisation with intricate detailing; dozens of cars, thousands of people and advanced representations of vegetation.