Walsh Bay Arts Precinct – Sydney

We are proud to have been involved in the visualisation of the $600 Million Upgrade to Sydney’s Walsh Bay Art’s Precinct..

With a project of this scope, there were naturally many people involved within the process, and a lot to sign off. Through the use of comprehensive storyboarding, close communication through Buildmedia’s online system’s, we we’re able to meet everyone’s needs and deliver a top notch presentation on time and on budget.

Buildmedia were able to develop highly detailed and realistic 3d models of each of the existing historic wharf buildings using photographed texture maps to speed up the process.

To help showcase the Precincts central Sydney waterfront location, Buildmedia also developed a 3d model of the immediate Sydney CBD.

There was a lot of detail to be presented as each space was unique and required a high level of post effects to activate each with multiple people and uses.