The Cab Penthouse
Realspace Experience

Love&Co required a stand-out 3d animation that would be then be used to help sell a 600m2 penthouse in the heart of Auckland’s city centre to a range of potential buyers both locally and overseas.

Sitting at the very top of a heritage listed building, and with one of the largest internal courtyards in Australasia, we were keen to try a unique visualisation method using our interactive display suite – Realspace.

Having worked with Love&Co on a number of previous projects we knew Realspace would be the most efficient way to achieve Love&Co’s end result plus at the same time allow discerning buyers to honestly experience every room within the penthouse by interactively exploring on a large touch screen TV.

Gone are the days where buyers are content to pay a deposit based on seeing a few 3d renders and a floor plan.

Realspace creates an incredibly up close and intimate visual experience which we’ve found creates a deeper connection with an owner and their new home.
– John Love, Love&Co

Working closely with Love&Co, Jasmax and the team at ECC, the Buildmedia team began the process of modelled every aspect of the penthouse interior including populating with custom finishes, fittings and the very latest Minotti furniture range.

Rooftop photography was obtained and then stitched together to form a complete 360-degree view that could be used to surround the penthouse and provide a realistic view beyond in any direction.

The outcome was a fully interactive Realspace 3d model that was then used to output multiple animations, over 24 high-resolution still images, a multi-stage 360 online tour AND an interactive touch & VR experience, all for less than the cost to produce a traditional rendered animation.

3x animations, 24 renders, an online 360 tour, plus interactive touch and VR experience – all for less than the cost of a traditional animation!

The Cab Penthouse Courtyard 3d render realspace

Magazine quality still images were generated directly from Realspace literally in the time it takes to push the instant render button.

The Cab Penthouse Urbis magazineFebruary 2018 issue of Urbis magazine

One of the  final video’s produced using Realspace

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