Te Awa Lakes masterplan

Te Awa Lakes is a proposed 62ha development within the old Perry sand quarry at Horotiu. It will transform Hamilton’s northern gateway into a vibrant community hub and tourism destination with an exciting mix of residential housing, river links, cycleways and an adventure park.

A total of 1000 residential homes are planned, with around 400 to be provided as affordable housing.

Te Awa Lakes has been carefully designed with both local Waikato residents and visitors in mind.

The masterplan concept was at a preliminary stage of its design, with zones set for each use (ie: residential, commercial, etc) – but no ‘hard set’ design for building form and appearance.

Working closely with Boffa Miskell, the Buildmedia team developed an asset library of 3D models that were created to a set of design constraints within the provided documentation and reference images.

A mix of large apartment buildings and smaller residential dwellings were designed and 3d modeled through to a town centre and waterpark

“Te Awa lakes will become the biggest riverside home development in Hamilton’s history”

Te Awa Lakes brings significant change to the existing sand quarry, so we were keen to visually show the impact by creating 3D models of the site in both it’s before and after state’s.

A blend of aerial and on-ground cameras were used to show the vision. Opening with an iconic shot over Hamilton complete with hot air balloons. The site is presented in its current state, to show viewers the vision, we need to show where we are coming from. This before/after view was also output as still images for use in print/online communications.

Immersing the viewer inside the development with a series of on-ground shots can really help sell the vision – bringing a level of believability that’s hard to match with conventional plans, it’s all good reading a plan, but seeing it built, full of life, gets people excited!

“Condensing a 2.5 hour long powerpoint into an animation assures everyone onboard with the same shared vision in 3 minutes flat!”

3d model of Hamilton region

A 3d model of the Waikato region was created extending from Lake Karapiro in the South up to north of the Hakarimata ranges

Te Awa Lakes Masterplan images

Boffa Miskell provided documentation outlining the roading layout, areas of density plus an illustrative masterplan

Hundreds of different building types were designed and 3d modeled including apartments, hotels, terrace & stand alone housing

Te Awa Lakes 3d Storyboard

Storyboarding is an important part of the animation process. Requiring around 2-3 weeks of dedicated production time.

Hamilton City 3d model

A 3d model of Hamilton city was created including 3d housing forms, vegetation, lakes and the distinctive Waikato river.

3d model hamilton ballon

Hamiltons distinctive balloons were 3d modelled with include branding

Once released, the Te Awa Lakes story did some healthy numbers on social media platforms, receiving positive feedback from locals in the Waikato region.

Further to the full animation, we output additional content for social outputs – including banner animations for Facebook, Instagram format clips and high-resolution still images for use in print.

Thank you to Perry Group for choosing to tell your story with us, we can’t wait to see this development come to life.

For more information on the project please visit http://teawalakes.co.nz/

“Thanks for all your hard work. You’ve really brought this transformational project to life and captured our vision for what Te Awa Lakes will be. The detail is absolutely incredible!”

– Perry Group

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