Sylvia Park Retail
3d Animation

Kiwi Property have a fantastic story to tell as it continues to draw excitement for its new retail space, the Galleria.

Buchan Architects provided us with the base 3d model for the “Next Level”, the brand new space set to bring even more retail options to Sylvia Park, an addition that further establishes Sylvia Park as the major retail destination for Auckland. Working from reference images supplied by Kiwi Property, our team created a unique look and feel for all the retail, dining and shared spaces.

Using our existing Sylvia Park 3D base model, we created a visually engaging build up scene to highlight the future vision, coupled with on-ground shots from within the brand new ‘Grove’ dining lane taken by one of our trusted creative partners.

Finally, we showcase the ‘Next Level’ – taking the viewer through a journey of 60 speciality retailers and dining options.

After weeks of work all the elements were edited together with labels, music, sound effects.

The result a 2:30 min long video of the proposed internal and exterior fly-through showing around 60 new speciality retailers, and a new dining concept to go along with the completed Grove dining lane found on ground level.

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