Skypath visual simulations

Where: Auckland, New Zealand
When: April 2014

What: Skypath visual simulations “Survey accurate photo-montages” of the proposed Auckland Harbour bridge walk and cycleway”

buildmedia was commissioned by Skypath to represent the proposed SkyPath shared path design for the existing Auckland Harbour Bridge as a series of survey-accurate visual simulations. This was required for resource consent application, and therefore it was critical that the process was represented as accurately as possible, and that each stage in the process could be quantified.

Utilising our existing 3d model of the Auckland Bridge that was built for two other previous visualisations, we were able to accurately model the proposed Skypath. Multiple photographs were obtained on-site using our robotic camera head that were then stitched together in-house into massive 180 megapixel images. Tie points were obtained on-site by Precision Aerial Surveys using a combination of laser and RTK surveying, allowing us to match and measure points on the photographs with accurate positions in the 3d model.

There was also strong focus on matching the lighting, including the direction of sunlight for each of the shots.

The final images were printed out across a range of different sizes – including large format A0 – and were used to determine how big the visual effects of the built form were.