patterson architects 3d imagery

A collection of some of our favourite 3d still images and animations produced for Pattersons over the years.

The incredible Len Lye Contemporary Art Museum – New Plymouth New Zealand. The animation was produced around 5 years ago and posed a number of technical difficulties to produce – namely the number of reflections that required to be bounced around the 3d environment.


After 2 years of construction the Len Lye Contemporary Art Musem is finally complete. Working with Pattersons, Buildmedia 3d visualised the complex design producing a series of 3d images to test the way sunlight and reflections would react to the proposed highly reflective stainless steel cladding.


One of our more interesting projects where Buildmedia worked with Pattersons to visual test the way sunlight would reflect on various design options for the new Len Lye art gallery.

Components of the wall were 3d modelled to scale and light photons were simulated to bounce around the scene to ensure there were no concentrated hotspots appearing on the interior and exterior of the design.

Len Lye Centre 3d Sun study animation

Sun study on exterior cladding showing reflections and highlights throughout the day.

Len Lye Centre - Reflection Test animation study

Low resolution reflection test showing how exterior light is reflected into the interior of the gallery.

Geyser Building - Samson Corporation

An oldie but a goodie – Produced around 5 years ago now – this was a breakthrough presentation for Buildmedia at the time.

Bungy Building Queenstown