NZTA SH16 Causeway Upgrade

The Causeway Upgrade is a 4.8km long project on Auckland’s Northwestern Motorway (SH16) between Great North Road Interchange and Te Atatu Interchange, and is a key component in completing the Western Ring Route.

Buildmedia are proud to visualise this great infrastructural project for NZTA.

NZTA Waterview Connection

Presentation showing New Zealand’s biggest motorway project

Over 40,000 views on youtube.

NZTA Puhoi To Warkworth

It was important to introduce the project as a missing link within the Northland roading network- which was a direct response to the future population growth of the area.

Buildmedia managed an enormous 3d model of the entire area that included a very wide corridor that could incorporate the repositioning of the alignment as the project was being designed.

Working closely with SKM and NZTA Buildmedia were able to provide a very quick turnaround of visualising the alignment within a short timeframe.

As the project was still early on in the design process we limited the photorealism of the motorway, cuts and fills using a more graphical representation.

NZTA SH20A Airport Intersection

A 3d animation showing the proposed redevelopment of a proposed interchange on State highway 20 on the way to the Auckland airport. it was important to show the stages of development as with what the new interchange would look like to the from a drivers point of View (POV).
We made full use of our 3d model of the Auckland area.

NZTA Waikato Expressway

A High level presentation of the proposed Waikato Expressway showing each new project and a number of features and benefits.

Buildmedia have been working closely with NZTA on a number of their projects nationwide. Buildmedia have created animations, visual simulations, 3d rendered imagery and interactive presentations for a number of NZTA projects. We have been involved with 6 out of 7 of the roads of national significance. Our imagery has been used for consultation and also environment court.

AT & NZTA – East West Connections

East West Connections is a joint NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Transport programme to improve freight efficiency, commuter travel, public transport and walking and cycling options over the next 30 years.

NZTA Fanshaw intersection

Video produced to communicate to the public how the intersection at Fanshaw street will work.

In traffic terms – it’s quite complicated! Some cars to use some of the lanes, some of the time. This short movie spells it out quickly and clearly.

NZTA TEL Toll animation

A generic presentation showing how the proposed Future Tolling system will work. As a design was yet to be finalised it was important present everything generically.

NZTA Christchurch Southern Motorway 2

A high level fly over used to communicate the proposed Christchurch Southern motorway project to the public. The presentation was designed to show the current and proposed design at each major interchange to a high level of detail. Check out those animated vehicles.