Meridian Mt Munro Wind Farm

A series of visual simulations were produced for Meridian Energy proposed wind farm located near Ekatahuna as well as a real-time viewer which allowed the user to view the wind farm from any location.

Buildmedia created a series of highly accurate visual simulations and packaged these into a real-time viewer developed for the project. This allowed the user to not only view the wind-farm from any location, but also measure and validate each visual simulation location.



Meridian TeUku Wind Farm Interactive Timelapse.

A full dawn to dusk time-lapse of the completed Te Uku wind farm at Raglan NZ that was packaged up in a an interactive interface that allowed the viewer to pause and zoom into the movie to visually experience the wind turbines throughout the time of day.

Spot the piglets.


Realspace Real-time VR visual assessment tool

Buildmedias realtime 3d model used gaming technology and was specifically designed for the Mt Munro project. Measuring the distance of the turbine from the view, highlighting turbines of interest, overlaying visual simulations onto the real time model and creating user viewpoints was some of the key features programmed into the user interface for the project.