One 30 Hyde park

Where: Sydney, Australia
When: September 2015

What: Buildmedia was commissioned to produce a series of interior 3d CG images and a 90 second teaser animation for marketing the sale of One30 Hyde Park apartments, located in Sydney’s premium residential dress circle overlooking Hyde Park.

Designed by Bates Smart and developed jointly by Aoyuan and Ecove Property Group, the residential development extends 50 storeys above Hyde Park and encapsulates some of the finest views of the city, harbour and other landmarks.

The panoramic views from each apartment are a massive feature of the design, and to leverage this buildmedia incorporated photography taken at various levels throughout the day and evening into every 3d shot.


The teaser animation, which incorporates footage captured by helicopter, introduces viewers to the location of One30 Hyde Park by transporting them across Sydney Harbour to approach the development via Hyde Park.

Detailed camera matching and masking was required to align the movement of the 3d building into the moving footage. Careful attention was given to matching the lighting and shadows of the 3d building into the actual helicopter footage.

The final teaser animation was produced in high definition 1080p and uploaded to both YouTube and Vimeo for embedding in the project’s marketing website.



Customised 3d furniture

buildmedia worked closely with Bates Smart and Ecove on a number of interior CGIs to ensure the level of quality of the final output matched that of the intended design.

Each of the interior shots was crafted to include specifically chosen furniture carefully matched to the design of the interior and the demographic of the buyer. Many items of furniture were original and could not be obtained using standard libraries, and so were built in 3d from scratch using supplied photography, sketches and manufacturers websites.


Ecove OneThirtyHyde Penthouse Real-time VR

As well as producing conventional animations and 3d still rendered images, buildmedia also developed a high-quality immersive real-time VR scene (you can read more about real-time VR for architectural visualisations here) of the interior of the penthouse in which the viewer is able to freely walk around and explore the apartment, room to room, using a conventional gaming controller. This is next-level design engagement!

The following two versions were created, presenting the penthouse in both dusk and daytime settings.

In November 2015 the penthouse apartment was sold for an incredible $9.72 million. At just 225 sqm of internal living space plus a modest 50sqm balcony, this transaction broke the Australian record of most expensive apartment sold per square metre.

An amazing feat considering that it hasn’t been built yet and decisions were made based on buildmedia supplied 3d imagery and animations.


Dusk version of the real-time VR immersive environment

Daytime version of the real-time VR immersive environment

360 video

360 Video One30Hyde Park Penthouse.

Additional to this Real-time VR environment model Buildmedia also created a 360 degree video.

During playback the viewer can literally point the camera in any direction either using a mouse, or if using a late model handheld device, your gyro sensor can be used – simply point the camera in the direction you would like to look while playing the video.

Note that this is a relatively new technology that will require running directly within your device Youtube app to have access to this feature. for playback on your device click this link.