Auckland Airport new departure area

Auckland Airport international departure area

Working closely with Auckland Airport we began the process by storyboarding a series of shots that help explain the international departure area upgrade.

Following the journey of a young family, each shot was carefully considered to feature their experience through a series of unique discoveries along the way.

Many details such as cast glass fish and birds, river boulders and craters were developed and incorporated including sound effects, a powerful voice and a specifically composed soundtrack – tying  it together to form a 2:30 minute long presentation.

International departure area upgrade

A comprehensive multipage storyboard was created to explain the core messaging before production.

Many unique elements were 3d modelled specifically for the project including cast glass fish and birds by Weta.

I've watched the video near on 20 times now and think it is a fantastic piece of work! The story links everything together really well and the project narrative is represented brilliantly.

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