Auckland Airport 3d Visualisation of 30 Year Masterplan

When Auckland airport came to Buildmedia wanting a presentation to showcase their 30 year master plan vision to their shareholders meeting we were up for the challenge.

Using a 2d base master site plan provided by SOM and ARUP – Buildmedia was able to design and virtually construct generic 3d buildings on the existing 3d terrain to help present the scale of the proposed development against the existing airport.

As with all of our presentations, to ensure everyone agrees with the direction the project is heading, the first stage of the project involved thorough storyboarding of the presentation out as a series of sketched shots.

It was important that the viewer was taken on a journey to help discover the human scale of the proposed development. A simple high level fly over was not going to cut it – the viewer needed to be immersed within the development to make it more believable.

Although the time frame was extremely tight (project initiation through to hand over was a crazy 5 weeks), it was an enjoyable project that ended up involving every one of the specialised Buildmedia team.

Congratulations AIAL on delivering such a well oiled press release.


I know it was under tough timelines and your team responded well. The video has certainly helped make the vision exciting and real for the public too

Bridge Spraggon - Auckland Internation Airport

The proposed master planned terminal is huge – most of those planes are A380’s. Throughout the presentation it was important to showcase the scale of the development in comparison with the existing terminal and show how well it integrates into the wider airport master plan.


Very important that there is a uniquely New Zealand feel throughout the presentation. The A380 and contrails are CGI. The Nikaus in the foreground are actual filmed footage integrated into the shot. Bring on that depth of field.


The brand was carefully integrated throughout the animation, including subtle sign-age to various design elements – including the odd bus.


As with any 30 year master plan – the level of design detail needed to be kept generic – each of the on-the-ground views were carefully considered for each shot.


High resolution still images were supplied and incorporated into various print.

Check out AIAL’s website here

Auckland Airport Property Animation

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