Barrington Apartments Real Time VR

Where: Grey Lynn, Auckland
When: May 2015

What: Buildmedia took on the challenge of creating a 3d real-time virtual reality experience based on the Barrington Apartments, which were developed by the Craig Kells and designed by Paul Brown Architects.

We liked the design of the apartment and saw an opportunity to develop it into a real-time VR scene for marketing purposes, to showcase it as a technology that could be used for future marketing.

The living, dining and kitchen spaces were developed as an immersive 3d experience allowing the viewer to explore the space using a standard laptop and gaming controller. Prospective purchasers also had the option of wearing a VR headset.

We reproduced ambient sounds allowing the viewer to have a different sensory experience at each end of the apartment. Turning your head from left to right reproduced the same moving stereo sound effect.

We also focused on pushing the quality of the finishes to find out just how far the technology could go towards providing the highest level of realism. Check out that flooring!

Depth perception is obtained by presenting true stereographic images to the left and right eyes.

As well as being able to freely walk around the real-time VR scene, conventional linear architectural animations and still CGIs can be produced quickly and effectively once the real-time VR 3d scene is originally set up. You can read more about real-time VR for architectural visualisation here.

Please contact us if you are interested in a demonstration.