SMART Light-rail link

Where: Auckland CBD to Auckland Airport
When: May 2016
What: Auckland Transport came to Buildmedia to develop a comprehensive 3d animation presentation showing the future Airport Light Rail link SMART


With exponential growth in New Zealand’s biggest city Auckland, public transport to and from Auckland Airport is crucial in managing the flow of people and traffic.

And to help AT Transport communicate how a future rail link will operate, we created an initial 3d animation to present to the wider Auckland Council showing the key differences between both light and heavy rail options.

The longer-than-usual six-minute presentation became a key component in the Council’s understanding around the city’s future rail transport options to the Auckland airport.
The council was able to very quickly understand how it all works and Light Rail Transport (LRT) has become a serious possibility for Auckland City.


From this initial animation the Light Rail Transport (LRT) was then presented in further detail including where light rail would run – potentially down some of Auckland’s most well-known roads, such as Sandringham, Dominion and Mt Eden Roads plus how the light rail would integrate alongside State highway 20.

Generic train stations stations including over passes and bridges were designed along the route to help visualise where the potential rail route would be situated from the city through to the airport.


In preparing the video, there was a huge amount of physical ground to cover, however we had the advantage of drawing from Buildmedia’s extensive visual library; the commission was the third visualisation we’ve worked on in this area of Auckland and we were able to use our famed Auckland 3d Model. Having already modelled a future Auckland Airport, with the State Highway 20 interchange at Kirkbride Rd, we had great material to work with.

And with each city project, we’re adding another ‘piece’ of 3d Auckland to our stock 3d library.

Buildmedia’s project team of four worked over an eight-week period with AT Transport, which included in-depth discussions nutting out decisions around how best to represent key information into the presentation.