gareth ross

managing director

For over a decade Gareth has been a visualisation thought leader & pioneering 3D digital storytelling across Australasia. As a registered architect with first class honours Gareth has used his knowledge, experience, and passion to build a world class 3d visualisation offering. 

Tim Johnson Buildmedia

tim johnson

technical director

Tim has been part of the Buildmedia story for over 10 years and is passionate about exploring new and emerging technologies. Tim is our Realspace guru, developing interactive solutions from touch screens to virtual reality that showcase unbuilt architectural developments.

James Hall

james hall

3d technical lead

James has been working in the ‘third dimension’ for close to ten years in a variety of areas, including architecture, marine and product visualisations, film, advertising, and games development. Having recently completed a degree in art and design, James’ tool belt is brimming with 3d techniques and skills he is always eager to bring to the table.

Vincent Vulliez

vincent vulliez

senior 3d artist & animator

Vincent is a 3d artist, animator, and post-production specialist from France, where he studied at Ecole Superieur d’infographie. As a generalist CG artist, he loves mixing motion graphics and 3d rendering, giving a high level of realism to any project he has contact with.

jason wong

senior realtime artist

With over 5 years experience as a professional 3D artist, Jason has a passion for all things 3D, including Games, Film and TV. His strengths are with lighting and rendering plus problem solving within a creative team and loves nothing more than producing exceptional work.

christian kim

3d generalist artist

Christian is one of buildmedia’s longest standing employees and now works remotely from Seoul maintaining buildmedia’s other render farm. Considered a ‘jack of all trades’, Christian has the ability to unravel complex technical briefs down to succinct, entertaining presentations.

Danilo Peterson

danilo peterson

post effects artist

Originally from Brazil Danilo has lived in NZ for four years. Having completed a Diploma in 3D Animation and Digital Video Danilo injects real passion into everything he creates and always with a smile!

stanislav kozlovskii

senior 3d artist / arch animator

Stanislav comes from Russia where he was the director of the computer graphics school and the head of the studio of architecture and design. Educated as an architect, Stanislav has 12 years of architectural experience and has worked as an architectural visualiser across Russia, Israel, Europe and the USA. Stanislav is also an authorized Autodesk trainer plus an Unreal Engine Beta-tester.

miro garaj

3d architectural artist

With almost a decade of architectural and product design experience gained in Slovakia, Miro is a talented interior designer who is also able to produce outstanding 3d visualisations.

Mandy Ross

mandy ross

office administrator

Mandy is the glue that holds the whole Buildmedia team together. She can be found at the front desk of the Office where she keeps an eye on everything from the phones, to marketing, social media and the accounts. With over 22 years experience teaching kindergarten children Mandy has what it takes to keep the team under control.

campbell yule

financial consultant

Campbell brings strong governance and finance skills to assist buildmedia in its continued development. Campbell restarted the visualisation services of Cadimage Group, which led to the creation of buildmedia in 2003, and is currently CEO and managing director of Cadimage Group.

buildmedia careers

we’re Looking for like minded 3d artists to join our team.
if you think you have what we need and like a challenge.
email your cv through to

3d Artist / Architectural Visualiser

To be considered for this position you will have commercial experience using 3D Studio Max, be comfortable designing, modelling, texturing and lighting within 3D.

Linear animation and/or Real-time VR skills are a massive bonus.

This is a full time position and is open to anyone eligible to work in NZ.

Post Effects / Motion Graphics / VFX Artist

To be considered for this position you'll have experience using After Effects, and be comfortable developing complex multilayered post produced presentations. Nuke experience could be an added bonus.

You will be expected to have excellent communication skills. Be highly focused on team collaboration plus have a good understanding of the importance of budgets and timelines.
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