Buildmedia sustainability policy

Responsibility for policy: Managing Director

Approving authority: Board of Directors

Last reviewed: August 2022

Next review date: August 2027


This policy applies to our company and its subsidiaries. It may also refer to suppliers and partners.


The purpose of this policy is to show Buildmedia’s compliance and proactiveness to ensure the environment is being protected via best practices, to make all people associated with Buildmedia aware of its commitment to sustainability and to create an open and aware environment where all people can work sustainably.



We will aim to protect the natural environment by reducing our direct environmental impact of our operations. This can include reducing energy consumption, water usage, waste, carbon emissions and increasing sustainable procurement practices.


Our goal is to maximise the wider positive impact of Buildmedia’s environmental sustainability actions at local, national and international level through communication, collaboration and partnership.


We are also committed to creating a culture where the members of our organisation are engaged, empowered and supported in improving their personal and collective environmental sustainability practice.

Continuous Improvement

Buildmedia aims to continually improve our environmental standards and to adopt new practices where necessary to align with this.


The Company Shareholders, led by the Managing Director, is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy and assessing ways to continually improve.