Buildmedia supplier code of conduct policy

Responsibility for policy: Managing Director

Approving authority: Board of Directors

Last reviewed: August 2022

Next review date: August 2027


This policy applies to Buildmedia’s suppliers, including subcontractors.


The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate Buildmedia’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive procurement. This policy outlines the expectations we have of our suppliers and their subcontractors.


Ethical Behaviour

Buildmedia expects its suppliers to: manage their activities and affairs, and conduct themselves, with integrity in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards not engage in any form of corruption be transparent about their ethical policies and practices.

Labour and human rights

Buildmedia expects its suppliers to: adhere to international human rights standards in their workplace and monitor and address these standards within their supply chain comply with New Zealand employment standards and maintain a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination.

Health, safety and security

Buildmedia expects its suppliers to: comply with workplace health and safety laws and regulations and maintain healthy and safe work environments comply with any security requirements notified to them by the Government adequately protect any information, assets, tools and materials provided by the Government and return these promptly when requested.

Environmental sustainability

Buildmedia encourages its suppliers to establish environmentally responsible business practices. Such practices could include:

  • conduct their business in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and standards regarding the mitigation of impacts on, and protection of, the environment
  • work to improve their environmental sustainability and reduce their environmental impacts.

Corporate social responsibility

Buildmedia encourages its suppliers to be good corporate citizens and contribute positively to their communities. Such good could include: pay their subcontractors promptly consider including local, Māori, and Pasifika businesses to deliver the contract.


The Company Shareholders, led by the Managing Director, is responsible for monitoring compliance with this policy and reporting any breaches to the remaining shareholders and Studio Manager.