Buildmedia diversity & inclusion policy

Responsibility for policy: Managing Director

Approving authority: Board of Directors

Last reviewed: August 2022

Next review date: August 2027


This policy applies to all employees of Buildmedia.


The purpose of this policy is to outline Buildmedia’s approach towards employing people with unique backgrounds and experiences. Rich backgrounds, experience and perspectives are critical to build a leading edge business and deliver for our customers. Buildmedia is committed to pay parity as well as attracting, recruiting, developing, promoting and retaining a diverse group of talented individuals, who will help drive Buildmedia’s business performance.


  • Diversity and Inclusion is a commitment to recognising and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement. Examples of these characteristics are gender, age, culture, disability (mental, learning, physical), economic background, education, cultural, geographic background, language(s) spoken, marital/partnered status, physical appearance, race, religious beliefs and gender identity, sex or sexual orientation.
  • Practising diversity and inclusion means incorporating diversity into Buildmedia’s talent acquisition, talent management, succession management processes and into our values and culture. This ensures that our workforce reflects the diverse communities in which we operate.

    Board of Directors - Responsible for approving the measurable objectives developed by management and conducting assessment of this policy, its objectives and the progress made towards achieving them.

    Managing Director/Team Leads - Responsible for developing and, once approved by the Board, implementing the measurable objectives for achieving diversity and inclusion. Also responsible for reporting to the board on diversity initiatives and progress against the measurable objectives.

    All employees - Awareness of Buildmedia’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in its workforce and adherence to this diversity and inclusion policy.